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Bullwhip Effect In Supply Chain: Definition, Example & Solutions

28 Jul 2022, 13:50
The bullwhip effect is a phenomenon in supply chain management that causes excessive inventory investment and overstocking at the supplier, importers, and wholesaler levels. It illustrates how a small, localized spike can have a much-greater-then-expected impact on an entire supply chain or production system.
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Lean management for supply chain

9 Jun 2022, 11:41
Heb je een probleem in je productieproces, lopen de zaken niet helemaal zoals gepland? Grote kans dat mensen aankomen met de lean methode om al je problemen en zorgen weg te nemen. De lean methode is ontwikkeld door engineers die bezig waren met het toyota productie systeem en je kan het ook best een japanse fylosofie noemen. Maar is Lean de oplossing voor al je problemen?
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Demand planning in supply chain

17 Mar 2022, 13:51
Why is demand planning important? Demand planning is a way to make the supply chain management process work its best for the company. Companies need to know what to produce. The best way is to meet the future demand is using a multi-step process called demand planning. Demand planning is an important process to know what to produce and to ensure that there is a demand.
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SCOR Model for supply chain excellence

4 Mar 2022, 14:06
The SCOR model is the supply chain operations reference model. The model helps to analyze and improve the supply chain of a company or organization. The SCOR model was developed in the 1990s by The Supply Chain Council. SCC merged with ASCM in 2014 to further develop and advance the model. Vision Partners is a consulting partner that, in collaboration with ASCM, helps companies move forward by analyzing their supply chain, and guiding supply chain transformation.
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What is a supply chain?

16 Feb 2022, 11:52
A supply chain is a chain of services, materials, and information from suppliers through a company to its customers. In this chain, raw material is made into a product by several companies, and/or services are provided. Within the supply chain, cooperation between all parties is necessary to work as efficiently as possible. Supply chain management is about creating and managing the goods, materials, and information in this chain.

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