DDMRP Leader

Number of half days4
Preparation10 hours
LevelPost- bachelor
Average study time60 hours
DDMRP Leader

DDMRP Leader Demand Driven leader Professional

The program for Demand Driven Leader (DDL) is developed by the Demand Driven Institute. The DDL program gives senior and middle managers in operations and supply chain management the opportunity to design, implement and manage a ​​Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM).
The Demand Driven Operating Model, which is used to generate production orders and supply orders, is fed from the Demand Driven S&OP and is being made operational by DDMRP.


The DDL-program is the official preparatory course for the Demand Driven Leader Professional (DDLP)tm certification exam.

The DDMRP concept ensures shorter throughput times in production and logistic processes, so that products can be produced in a controlled way. Naturally, this has the advantage that less inventory is needed and that the delivery reliability is improved.

The video below gives more information on DDMRP

Benefits of the training 

By using the DDMRP and DDS&OP principles, employees can significantly improve the performance of the organisation by:

  • Realising a reduction in costs for expedited deliveries and more stable schedules
  • Knowing how you can apply the buffer adjustments to absorb variation and improve flow
  • Being able to use relevant information on the basis of buffer status calculations
  • Determination of strategic buffer positions for inventories and capacity
  • Planning the required capacity to realize the forecast for product groups, from DD S&OP.
  • Planning and managing of buffers for bottlenecks in production processes.

Intended for 

Persons who are responsible for the policy in the field of planning and management of production and logistic processes and its implementation.
The course is intended for:

  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Supply Chain Analists
  • Supply Chain Engineers
  • Quality Managers / Continuous improvement Managers
  • Inventory Managers
  • Process Managers
  • Production Managers

Course content

It is generally known that demand forecasting is associated with uncertainty. In real life, this expresses itself through changing priorities at every MRP replanning. This leads to loss of capacity, disturbed relations with suppliers and costs of expedite deliveries in production and logistics. DDMRP gives the opportunity to improve flow and deal with the prior mentioned objections. This is, among others, achieved by planning production and supply orders on the basis of relative priority.

Demand Driven Leader focusses on the process of Demand Driven S&OP (DDS&OP). In DDS&OP, besides the importance of stock buffers, the importance of capacity and time buffers is discussed. These category buffers are created on the basis of the capacity planning, as part of DD S&OP.  

DDL course content

Module 1: Today’s Organizational Challenges
  1. The Rise of Complexity
  2. Leadership’s Challenge
  3. Flow as the Purpose
  4. The prerequisites for Relevant Information
  5. Conventional Distortion to Relevant Information
Module 2: Conventional Challenges to Flow
  1. Variability and Its Impact to Flow
  2. Distortions to relevant information and materials – Planning Systems
  3. Distortions to relevant information and materials – Finance
  4. The Need for Thoughtware
Module 3: A New Management Model Emerges
Module 4: The Demand Driven Operating Model
  1. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)
  2. Demand Driven Scheduling and Shop Floor Execution
Module 5: Flow-Based Metrics

Module 6: Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning (DDS&OP)
  1. Tactical Configuration & Reconciliation
  2. Tactical Review
  3. Tactical Projection
  4. Tactical Exploitation
  5. Strategic Recommendation
  6. Adaptive Sales and Operations Planning (Adaptive S&OP)

Module 7: The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model Development Path

Classroom sessions

The course is exclusively given in a class room setting, for two consecutive days. During the lessons there will be plenty of room for interaction. The participants are actively involved in making calculations for order quantities and required capacity and for the determination of production priority in bottleneck resources. The course materials and the exam are in English. 

Course material

The course materials consist of the material as prescribed by the Demand Driven Institute (DDI) namely:

  • Hand-outs of PowerPoint slides
  • Background information on the Demand Driven Institute website


Visie Partners gives the opportunity to follow the training DDP within or outside the Netherlands.
The training consists of two consecutive day classes.

Course schedule and location

The next opportunities to follow the DDL course are listed below.

Start date
Course hours
Start date: 11/11/2024
End date: 09/12/2024
The lessons will be from 09:30 until 12:30 CET
There will be 4 lessons in this course.
Register for DDI DDL online
Start date: 11/12/2024
End date: 12/12/2024
The lessons will be from 09:30 until 17:00 CET
There will be 2 lessons in this course.
Register for DDI DDL Amsterdam


The costs of this two-days training are € 1.495,- exclusive VAT and exam.

The course material, coffee/tea, and lunch are included.


The costs for ONLINE Classroom € 1,295 excluding VAT and exam costs.

The Online classroom consists of 4 sessions of 3 hours.


Course duration and study load

The training will be given on two consecutive day classes. The study load is 30 to 50 hours for the entire training. The variation in study time depends on the experience and the prior knowledge of the participant.  


Each participant of the DDL course receives a certificate of completion from the Demand Driven Institute. In addition to that, the participant can contact the Demand Driven Institute to schedule an exam. The exam can be taken online, on a self-chosen time and location. The exam prices and information about the exam are available via the following link:  https://www.demanddriveninstitute.com/demand-driven-leader-professional.

The participant has to use his or her own computer for the exam. The computer needs to have a webcam, in order to make the video surveillance possible, during the exam. The exam is in English and is an open book exam. After passing the exam, the participant may use the title DDLP, Demand Driven Leader Professional behind his or her name.

This program provides 16 maintenance points for an APICS CPIM-, CSCP- or CLTD-certificate

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