10 Sessions
90 | 140 hours
€1.195,- | 2.750,- excl. VAT and exam


APICS CLTD is the training program that sets the standard for logistics certification. In the next few years, there's a shortage of trained professionals in the field of logistics, transportation, and distribution. APICS CLTD meets the growing need for professionals to apply innovative concepts in their supply chains. These innovations are necessary for organizations that want to take advantage of the rapid developments in transportation and distribution due to further internationalization and online sales.

22 Sessions
220 hour
€ 1.395,- | 3.950,- excl. VAT and exams


APICS CPIM is an extensive Operations Management training which focuses on topics such as supply chain management, planning, demand management, inventory management, quality control and strategy development from a business perspective.

12 Sessions
120 | 160 hours
€ 1.295,- | 2.950,- excl. VAT and exams


The APICS CSCP program provides knowledge to professionals to integrate and manage activities of production and distribution.

3 days Sessions
40 | 60 hours
€ 3.190,-- plus-member 3.290,-- non-member excl. VAT, incl. exam


This three-day course is suited for professionals new to the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) framework and implementation body of knowledge. Based on a solid repository of improvement program metrics and processes, SCOR has evolved to become an important performance management-tool for companies seeking to elevate their supply chain performance.

2 days Sessions
60 hours
€ 1.495,- excl. VAT and exam

DDMRP Leader

The Demand Driven Leader (DDL) course teaches you how you can use the Demand Driven Operating Model, and how you can apply it's principles when you wish to analyze and evaluate your business.

2 days Sessions
30 | 50 hours
€ 1.495,- excl. VAT and exam

DDMRP Planner

This course makes you question the traditional way of inventory planning and control MRP. It covers topics on how to reduce stocks by creating buffers where they contribute most to absorbing variation and protecting the flow time (flow). As a student, you learn methods for actively controlling the volume of buffers based on the size and variation of the demand and the lead times in production and purchasing.

2 days Sessions
30 | 50 hours
€ 1.395,- excl. VAT


The course will appeal to anyone who has to deal with forecasting. There is always a need to find the right method for forecasting of demand, as well as evaluating various alternative methods as change is inevitable in markets, product portfolio’s, distribution channels and available information.

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