Preparation5 hours per session
LevelPost- bachelor
Average study time120 | 160 hours
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APICS CSCP Certified Supply Chain Professional

APICS CSCP is the supply chain course in which you will learn to manage and improve production and distribution chains.

The influence of supply chain management within companies is increasing. The corona pandemic has increased the focus on logistics and supply chain and the use of strategic logistics in business processes. Supply chains are constantly changing, and new developments are occurring in all industries, from industrial to service-oriented and from profit to non-profit.

What is supply chain management?



Supply chain management

Customers expect high quality for a low price. They also expect fast and reliable delivery of products and services. As supply chain management becomes more and more critical, so does proper training. A good education helps manage production and distribution to face global competition effectively.

With our APICS CSCP course, you learn how to deal with these developments in an international setting. This course focuses on supply chain management, including logistics management in the supply chain, managing and controlling logistics processes, and communication in the supply chain.

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An APICS certification is the standard for training in operations management & production logistics. All over the world, APICS is regarded as the go-to training for Supply chain professionals working in operations and supply chain management. Association for Supply Chain Management is the full name of ASCM and aims to help supply chain managers by enabling them with information and courses. Members of the association for supply chain management receive special benefits, such as discounts on APICS exams and access to additional information. ASCM connects the world through supply chain management education.

Visie Partners collaborates with ASCM as a Premier Training Partner and authorized ASCM consulting partner. We work together with companies around the world towards supply chain excellence. We do this by using supply chain organizational transformation and innovation.

Why choose CSCP?

The benefits of an APICS CSCP certification for the student and the employer.

Benefits supply chain professional

  • You can manage supply chain activities more effectively and efficiently with the help of suppliers, production, carriers and customers
  • APICS CSCP is in demand in the international business community
  • Better career opportunities within the organization and beyond
  • Better collaboration with colleagues within your industry

Employer benefits

  • Reducing lead times and inventories
  • Improving productivity and profitability through collaboration and innovation
  • Improving competitiveness through shorter delivery times and thus the profitability of your organization


Suitable for

The APICS CSCP training is designed for professionals working in production control and supply chain management who wish to professionalize their field. Some examples:

  • Management team members wishing to develop a vision of the relationship between supply chain management and how to make strategic choices
  • Buyers who see their function changing by supply chain management
  • Supply chain employees wanting to understand integral concepts within their working area
  • Employees business office, materials management, and operations who will contribute to better cooperation with other chain partners
  • Project managers and change managers wishing to gain background knowledge to be able to give guidance to supply chain changes
  • Supply teams based on a joint effort to establish a supply chain strategy and implementation
  • Consultants advising organizations on the establishment of new customer-oriented service concepts
  • Marketing and sales professionals interested in contributing to successful supply chain strategies

prerequisite Requirements

To participate in the CSCP exam, a participant must meet one of the following criteria:

  • completed training at higher education or university level or
  • a completed APICS CPIM training, CFPIM, CIRM or CPM or
  • a minimum 3 years’ related business experience

English reading skills are required as the material and multiple choice questions are in English. Using a dictionary is allowed.


The APICS CSCP course consists of 12 three-hour evening classes of 6 six-hour days classes. During the last course meeting, an exam training is provided. During the day course, this is the final part of the last day. The course will finish with an APICS exam. Below is a description of the modules.

Module 1: Supply Chain Design

The first module contains the following topics: 

  • Considering inputs and objectives of supply chain management strategy
  • Recognizing and resolving misalignments and gaps
  • Accounting and financial reporting information, strategic analysis tools, and economic considerations
  • Designing the supply chain while understanding and working within business considerations
  • Designing fulfillment strategies and products for different markets and requirements
  • Identifying and managing market segments
  • Understanding electronic business considerations and key technology applications
  • Understanding implementation tools including project management processes communication

Module 2: Supply Chain Planning and Execution

This module contains the following topics:

  • Procuring and delivering goods and services using supply chain management
  • Using demand management, including demand forecasting and prioritization
  • Using master planning, master scheduling, and sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Managing, planning, and controlling inventory
  • Understanding the effects of inventory on financial statements and inventory-related cost categories
  • Managing supply in the supply chain based on total cost of ownership and make-versus-buy analysis
  • Developing supply plans based on buyer-supplier relationships
  • Logistics and warehouse management, forecasting, and planning
  • Making considerations for trade, regulation, and currency funds flow
  • Segmentation of customer-driven marketing, customers, suppliers, and other partners
  • Fundamentals of supplier relationship management (SRM) and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Managing reverse logistics and waste

Module 3: Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices

The last module contains the following topics:

  • Standards, regulations, and sustainable best practices compliance
  • International standards and considerations for import/export, intellectual property, licensing, tax and accounting, and labor laws
  • Corporate social responsibility for sustainability, UN Global Compact, and GRI initiatives
  • Accreditation, certifications, and standards for quality, environmental, social, and safety
  • Identifying, assessing, classifying and responding to risks
  • Compliance, security, and regulatory concerns
  • Improving the supply chain through measuring performance and supply chain metrics focused on customers, financial reports, and operational practices, and customer service
  • Utilizing continuous improvement and change management techniques and principles, including lean and just-in-time as well as other continuous improvement philosophies

Study options

Besides the classroom courses, it is also possible to follow the course as E-learning, self-study or in-company.

Here you will find a short explanation of each study variant.


APICS CSCP is offered as a day or evening course. The course always takes place at the same location and on the same day of the week. During the course an APICS authorized instructor discusses the material on the basis of practical experiences (both instructor and student). The instructors receive regular refresher courses to ensure the best possible transfer of knowledge.

We use an interactive approach, this means that during the lesson you learn many examples and experiences from the teacher and fellow students. We adhere to the APICS recommended number of course hours, so there is enough time for instructive course meetings. All this we do for the highest possible success rate.

Online - classroom

We offer part of our APICS CSCP courses in an online variant. The same quality as the classroom, but participating from the office, home or business travel. More information about "online classrooms".


E-learning (blended learning)

Instead go through the APICS CSCP training at your own pace? Follow your schedule and get support from an experienced teacher when needed. The contact takes place with the help of web conference software. The sessions are not lectures, but the instructor deals with what the student himself runs into or has questions about. You can start at any time.


In self-study, you will receive all course materials at your disposal. There is no contact with the teacher. You can start at any time.


From 4 participants upwards, it is possible to take this course as in-company training. This training can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. We can offer an in-company course at a reduced price per participant. You can contact us for a custom quote.

Course approach

The participant studies the subject prior to the session and can make questions in the online learning environment. Through the learning environment, the teacher can monitor the progress of the participants. Insights from practice are used in the preparation of the course, in addition to the course material. There is plenty of room for personal input and discussion. The course is given in English and ends with an exam training.

Course material

During the course, we use the most recent version of the official APICS learning system and APICS CSCP student slides. The materials are all in English

APICS online learning system:

  • Online exam questions and module-specific tests
  • Online glossary
  • Concept tests (e-flashcards)
  • Online study guide
  • APICS CSCP practice exams and reports to be able to analyze the results
  • Download course books for e-reader or tablet
  • Study planning tool based on a knowledge test
  • App: online dictionary

Online learning environment Visie Partners. Visie Partners has developed its own online learning environment. This unique learning environment offers Visie Partners online study opportunities with background information and practice questions. These extra exercises provide the participant and teacher insight into the study progress. This online learning environment is available for e-learning participants and participants who attend course sessions.


The APICS CSCP courses is given at various locations in the Netherlands. The training course consists of 14 evening classes of 3 hours or 7 days of approximately 6 hours.

Course schedules and locations

The next opportunities to attend a course are listed below. Click on a course location to see all lessons and preferred examination date.

Online CSCP day

Wednesday, 29 November 2023
From CET 9.30 - CET 12.30
Full course schedule

Utrecht CSCP day

Friday, 15 March 2024
From 9:30 - 16:45
Full course schedule

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Start dates:


Time investment

The study time of APICS CSCP will be between 120 and 160 hours. The study time varies on the experience and training of each participant. The study effort will consist of the following:

  • Day course (6 hours) or evening course (3 hours)
  • Preparation for each course meeting (+/- 5 hours)
  • Exam preparation

The cost of an APICS CSCP course

The training costs for APICS CSCP include course material, APICS online learning environment and Visie Partners learning environment, exam training, lunch (in the day course), coffee, and tea, but exclude VAT and exam fees.

Below you will find an overview of the study costs and the various study forms: 

Online lessons

excl. VAT and exam

APICS CSCP learning system

Highest pass rates
Interactive quizzes
Best for remote workers
14 online sessions


Traditional lessons

excl. VAT and exam

APICS CSCP learning system

Highest pass rates
Lots of examples
14 evening sessions or 7 working days


excl. VAT and exam

APICS CSCP learning system

upgrade possible to e-learning
upgrade possible to online or traditional classes


Guided E-learning

excl. VAT and exam

APICS CSCP learning system

5 coaching sessions
Questions by e-mail
Upgrade possible to online or traditional classes


All mentioned prices are excluding VAT. We reserve the right to change the course and exam fees, as long as no agreement has been reached.

In order to purchase an exam, you can go to our exam portal apics-exam.eu. On this page, you can also see the current exam pricing. When the exam request form has been filled, it is possible after three working days to plan your exam from your ascm account. . When you opt to purchase an ASCM membership, it can take up to a week. 

In certain circumstances, both the costs of the course and the exam fees are tax-deductible for the employer or the participant. Please contact your tax consultant for more information.

Exam and maintenance

After passing the APICS CSCP exam, you receive the official certificate and are officially certified for 5 years. After completion, you can use the course name as a title. The certificate can be extended by 5 years if the student maintains the acquired knowledge. Examples to do this are organizing or attending supply chain related activities or participating in courses.

We offer certified professionals that have obtained their certificate via Visie Partners the opportunity to earn maintenance points for maintaining their title. Customers of Visie Partners have the opportunity to take part in company visits and network meetings related to operations- or supply chain management. No membership is required for this.

Participants can register for the exam via www.apics-exam.eu. On this website, all exam prices and information about the exam registration procedure can be found.

After you've finished the course and choose not to take the exam, we can hand out a participation certificate.

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