APICS Certifications

The American Association for Operations Management is the international standard for education in operations management. The courses are suitable for people from operational to strategic levels within organizations.


APICS has established ASCM. The ASCM (Association for Supply Chain Management) means to help Supply chain managers further. They offer the APICS training programs and form allegiances with DDI and IBF to further help supply chain professionals move forward. ASCM recognizes us as a Premier Partner for their APICS programs and as an ASCM consulting partner to further help our customers improve supply chains. 


Leading software suppliers such as SAP, QAD, ORACLE, and EXACT use the APICS concepts and terminology in their software.

Premier Channel Partner

Visie Partners is the Premier Channel Partner in the Netherlands. This partnership means high quality and a contribution to the supply chain community and an extensive range of APICS products.

We see it as our job is to offer our courses with the highest quality standard possible. To ensure APICS quality, we adhere to the regulations regarding course meetings and the official APICS material.

Our experience and that of Premier Channel Partners worldwide has shown that a completed training with a Premier Channel Partner gives an extra boost to a trainee's career.

With us, you can follow several APICS programs. We currently offer the following courses:

22 Sessions
220 hour
€ 1.395,- | 3.950,- excl. VAT and exams


APICS CPIM is an extensive Operations Management training which focuses on topics such as supply chain management, planning, demand management, inventory management, quality control and strategy development from a business perspective.

12 Sessions
120 | 160 hours
€ 1.295,- | 2.950,- excl. VAT and exams


The APICS CSCP program provides knowledge to professionals to integrate and manage activities of production and distribution.

10 Sessions
90 | 140 hours
€1.195,- | 2.750,- excl. VAT and exam


APICS CLTD is the training program that sets the standard for logistics certification. In the next few years, there's a shortage of trained professionals in the field of logistics, transportation, and distribution. APICS CLTD meets the growing need for professionals to apply innovative concepts in their supply chains. These innovations are necessary for organizations that want to take advantage of the rapid developments in transportation and distribution due to further internationalization and online sales.

2 days Sessions
€500,- excl VAT


The APICS TTT is an interactive two-day training in teaching skills. TTT is mandatory training for upcoming or newly started APICS instructors. During the training, you will learn how to design your lessons and how to involve the learners. You will learn how to address the varying learning styles of the students you are teaching and to make that part of the lesson plans.

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