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APICS courses are the international standard for operations management, supply chain, and logistics management training. An APICS course is suitable for people from operational up to strategic levels within organizations. Internationally operating companies internationally recognize these courses. Students can follow the training courses and exams almost anywhere in the world. APICS training courses positively affect the presentation of supply chain managers to increase their productivity and employability. With the help of APICS training, companies can further develop and improve companies profitability.

ASCM, the new name of APICS

Since 2016, APICS has a new name, namely ASCM. The name stands for the "Association for Supply Chain Management" and aims to help supply chain managers and operations management develop further. The APICS training programs will keep their own name after this name change. They have also been collaborating with both Demand Driven Institute and Institute for Business Forecasting in supply chain professionals since 2016 to help them move forward. Both these institutes are already working with us before this. ASCM recognizes us as a Premier Partner for their training programs. Furthermore, we are also an ASCM Consulting Partner, which means that we can further assist customers in improving the supply chain with the tools that ASCM develops and provides together with its partners.
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APICS used to stand for "American Production and Inventory Control Society" since the inception of ASCM, APICS is currently only the name for training courses.

We also offer the apics principles courses. If you are interested in the apics principles, please contact us

Premier Channel Partner

International standard

Leading software vendors such as SAP, QAD, ORACLE, and MS Dynamics use the APICS concepts and terminology in their software. Also local software suppliers like Exact use the terminology as taught in our APICS courses. The internationally recognized certificate helps to make better use of ERP processes. It also helps to understand international frameworks and both the optimization and the integration of supply chain management.

Thus, APICS CSCP is an internationally recognized certificate for Supply chain professionals.
This course is very suitable for Supply Chain Managers and people working in the supply chain.

APICS CPIM is the course for Production and inventory management and for production Planning.
This course is very suitable for operations managers and their subordinates.

APICS CLTD is the training program for Transportation management.
This course is very suitable for transport managers (logistics managers). Also, this course is suitable for people working at a 3PL or 4PL.

In the following overview, you will find what the focus of each of our APICS courses is.

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ASCM Premier Channel Partner

Visie Partners is a Premier Channel Partner for the Dutch market. This title means that we make a significant contribution to educating the supply chain community. We offer an extensive range of APICS courses.

Our obligation is to offer our courses with the highest possible quality. To ensure quality, we adhere to the regulations regarding the number of course meetings, and we use the official course material.

Our experience has shown that completing their training at Visie Partners boosts a participant's career.


Certification Maintenance

To maintain your obtained certification, it is necessary to keep your knowledge up to date. Keeping your knowledge up to date can be done by attending courses, participating in workshops, or going to APICS (partner) events. For example, the annual ASCM conference is suitable for 24 maintenance points. We are currently busy planning events. To keep your certification up to date, you need to gain 75 maintenance points every five years. To help earn these maintenance points we offer all our customers free access to our supply chain network, scnet.nl


APICS Instructor Development program

We partner with ASCM to provide teachers worldwide with teaching skills. Our organization organizes several times a year, classes in teaching. We offer these courses in cooperation with other ASCM trainers in Europe and beyond. All Visie Partners teachers are part of the program to continuously improve their teaching skills.


Course options

The training and courses we provide are suitable for an international audience and international working people. We have online classroom variants available for people who want to learn from home. Furthermore, we offer classroom classes for open registration at several locations in the Netherlands. Do you prefer to study according to your own schedule? Then you can follow guided self-study, also called e-learning. E-learning involves a number of sessions with a teacher who explains the emphases and details of the course material you are struggling with. We also offer in-company courses for larger groups from the same company.

In high demand in SCM

The courses we offer are in high demand by companies. To get an idea of positions for which APICS CPIM, APICS CSCP or APICS CLTD is a requirement or a Pré? please visit indeed.com

APICS Training Overview:

With us you can take a variety of programs. Currently, we offer the following courses:

20 Sessions
220 uur
1.495,- | 4.375,- excl. btw en examens

APICS CPIM (Certified in Planning and Inventory Management)

Een brede Operations Management opleiding waarin aandacht wordt besteed aan onderwerpen als supply chain management, planning, demand management, voorraadbeheer, kwaliteitsbeheersing en strategieontwikkeling vanuit een bedrijfskundig perspectief.

14 Sessions
120 | 160 uur
1.395,- | 3.275,- excl. btw en examens

APICS CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional)

Certified Supply Chain Professional. Deze top opleiding helpt om de supply chain van productie en distributie te managen.

12 Sessions
90 | 140 uur
1.295,- | 2.975,- excl. btw en examen

APICS CLTD (Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution)

Dit opleidingsprogramma zet de standaard voor logistieke certificering. De komende jaren ontstaat er een groot tekort aan professionals op het gebied van logistiek, transport en distributie. APICS CLTD voorziet in de groeiende behoefte aan professionals die innovatieve concepten kunnen toepassen. Deze innovaties zijn nodig voor organisaties die voordeel willen halen uit de ontwikkelingen in transport en distributie.

2 days Sessions
€500,- excl. btw

APICS TTT (Train The Trainer)

De APICS Train The Trainer is een interactieve tweedaagse training in didactische vaardigheden. TTT is een verplichte training voor aankomende of nieuw gestarte APICS-instructeurs. Tijdens de training leert u hoe u uw lessen kunt ontwerpen en hoe u de cursisten kunt betrekken en motiveren. Je leert hoe om te gaan met verschillende leerstijlen van studenten die je lesgeeft en hoe je dat onderdeel kunt maken van de lesplannen.

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