Sessions3 days
Preparation20 hours
LevelPost- bachelor
self-study | classroom
€ 3.190,-- plus-member 3.290,-- non-member excl. VAT, incl. exam
Average study time40 | 60 hours



Content & structure

Day 1 - Introduction to the SCOR Framework

  • Defining SCOR
  • Examining the portfolio of SCOR framework
  • Understanding the structure of the SCOR source book
  • Reviewing SCOR nomenclature, codification, tables, and graphics
  • Working with SCOR Performance content and metrics
  • Working with SCOR Processes content and metrics
  • Working with SCOR Practices content and metrics
  • Working with SCOR People content and metrics
  • Working with Green SCOR content and metrics

Day 2 and 3 - Working with the improvement programme

  • Applying the SCOR framework: overview
  • Understanding with improvement program phase 1 -- pre-SCOR Steps
    • Discussing the motives for undertaking a SCOR improvement project
    • Developing the SCOR improvement program organization
  • Working with improvement program phase 2 -- S: Set the Scope
    • Creating the supply chain definition matrix and supply chain geographic map
    • Formalizing the improvement charter
  • Working with improvement program phase 3 -- C: Configure the Supply Chain
    • Defining the improvement program SCOR metrics
    • Performing competitive requirements analysis and benchmarking
    • Performing the improvement program gap analysis
  • Working with thhe improvement program phase 4 -- O: Optimize Projects
    • Creating the preliminary project portfolio
    • Performing an opportunity analysis fo improvement projects
    • Prioritizing improvement projects
  • Working with improvement program phase 5 -- R: Ready for Implementation
    • Conducting the improvement project kickoff
    • Creating SCOR level 4 processes
    • Testing, piloting, and rolling-out the process changes
  • Selecting the next improvement project or begin the development of the next SCOR improvement program.

Course materials

Participants will receive a course workbook. The workbook will provide:

  • Detailed information for discussion topics
  • All PowerPoint slides during the seminar
  • Practice exercises
  • Content review questions

Course schedule

The course is offered on three subsequent days. The first day covers the structure of the SCOR model and how performance metrics, process hierarchy, best practices, and human resources are related. Day two and three focusses at the process to realize performance improvements using the SCOR model.

Course location

The next opportunities to follow the APICS SCOR-P course are listed below.

Amsterdam SCOR-P

Thursday 31 October 2019
from 09:00 - 18.00
Full course schedule

Study load

The duration of the course is three days. Total study load is typically between 40 and 60 hours including the time for attending the course.

Course fees

For APICS members the course fee is € 3.190,--. The non-member price is € 3.290,--. Beverages and lunches are included. All prices are excluding VAT (btw). The fee for an APICS one-year membership is € 185,- and will not be renewed automatically.


One Authorization to Test (ATT) for the SCOR-P endorsement exam is included in your SCOR-P training registration purchase. Candidates may purchase a SCOR-P retake exam for an additional fee. You can take the exam at about 30 test centers in the Netherlands and hundreds in Europe.


Exam participants who pass the exam will get the SCOR-P endorsement. This endorsement allows the use of SCOR-P behind the participant's name. APICS Endorsement credentials do not require a maintenance program to remain active.

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