Free Workshop DDMRP: Focus on Flow

Now is the chance to shape an informed opinion about DDMRP. DDMRP promises shorter lead times in the supply chain, including product combined with lower inventories and higher levels of customer service. The event for APICS Certified professionals will be on October 26, 2018 at Newitera in Beuningen from 12:00 until 17:00.  

This event is free of charge for APICS Certified professionals trained by Visie Partners or Verwoerd Consult.

MRP creates challenging planning and execution issues that are addressed by DDMRP.

But what is exactly wrong with materials requirements planning (MRP)?

Being responsible for inventory and production planning requires you to have an opinion on DDMRP and how it avoids MRP problems. What if your manager asks you: Could DDMRP help us increase our profit and ROI by improving customer service while reducing inventory levels at the same time?

After this interactive workshop, you have a good impression and an informed opinion about DDMRP. The Demand Driven Operating model is not just about MRP bashing, it’s an innovative framework based on the concepts of Lean, Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma and MRP.

Nowadays, we have to deal with more supply chain dynamics and fragmentation than ever before, so it’s a real challenge to plan inventories. Times are changing and as a result the need for optimization and improvement of material planning is growing. Leading companies like Louis Vuitton, British Telecom, Shell Lubricants, Michelin and many others are already convinced of the relevancy of the Demand Driven Operating Model.

For more information you can read the (Dutch) article: Materiaalplanning grondig vernieuwd: Demand Driven ’ on



Program outline




Lunch - soup and sandwiches


Welcome by Wout Verwoerd


Introduction Newitera by Jan Krosenbrink and Marcel Schiks


Todays MRP: Question and Answers by Wout Verwoerd


Simulation in teams by Derk Kuiper and Wout Verwoerd


Principles of DDMRP by Derk Kuiper


Coffee/tea break


Planning with Demand Driven MRP by Derk Kuiper







Schoenaker 10 C
6641 SZ Beuningen

Certification Maintenance points

This event qualifies 3 certification maintenance points to maintain your APICS CPIM, CSCP and CTLD certificate.



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